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Lichi Dog | red

plastenka pro psy

Manufacturer: SanDog
Colour: red
Designer: Lichi

Lichi Dog | červená Lichi Dog | červená

DeSan’s beds and pillows are made from the most quality materials. The textile printed by this method keeps brilliant colors that are waterproof and light resisting while the engraining is identical on both sides of the material.

It is possible to wash and clean them using common detergents but don’t use softeners nor any bleach and don’t wring intensively. We recommend washing at the temperatures up to 40 °C. The top cover can be taken off and washed separately.

The covers (100% PES) are very pleasant when touching and have quite unique motives.

The filling of the beds is made of styrofoam balls that ensure the right comfort for your four-legged friend. These balls are usually used for positioning sitting bags and belong to the coziest seats you have ever seen.

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PRICE: 44,- €